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Coming back to work from the holidays brings us perspective about leadership and peoples’ motivations at work.

When a leaders communicate business values and purpose, and tell that story well, their companies and their employees thrive. .

As a leader, you can learn about your business by listening carefully to your employees and watching their reactions to you and the events in your business.

“I know that I’m right, this needs to be done, why can’t I get this to happen in my company?”

Balancing work, rest and different interests boosts productivity and engagement for everyone – you and your employees.

What is the difference between the power of a boss and the guidance and inspiration of a leader?

Is your business struggle a part of your identity? It makes being a good leader difficult. Learn to let go with concrete steps and practicies.

How much do you value a bad story, poorly told, by someone you don’t trust?

What skills does a founder need to start a business and are those the same skills needed to run it successfully?

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