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How much do you value a bad story, poorly told, by someone you don’t trust?

What skills does a founder need to start a business and are those the same skills needed to run it successfully?

Leaders are not born – people make themselves leaders by making the conscious decision to learn and practicing. Realizing this is the first step towards improving your leadership skills.

What is the difference between having the authority over an employee and true leadership that inspires, guides growth and makes business more successful?

Taking action that affects things beyond ourselves leads to success in business for ourselves and for other people.

We can often see what we want more clearly by defining what we don’t want.

We often see symptoms as problems and we focus on those symptoms instead of solving problems that cause those symptoms.  No wonder – it’s hard work untangling root causes.   

A manager isn’t necessarily a leader, and a leader may not be the most skilled at a certain position.

Figuring out what you’re not really that good at can help you be a better leader.

Solving employee conflict often means being vulnerable, direct, and holding on to your goals.