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Stories are how we understand ourselves, each other, and the world, so they are an important tool for a leader as the business grows.

What is the difference between the power of a boss and the guidance and inspiration of a leader?

To go from launching to leading, we must give others responsibilities that were ours.

Our leadership decisions and behavior extend much further than we may think.

We often see symptoms as problems and we focus on those symptoms instead of solving problems that cause those symptoms.  No wonder – it’s hard work untangling root causes.   

A manager isn’t necessarily a leader, and a leader may not be the most skilled at a certain position.

Figuring out what you’re not really that good at can help you be a better leader.

Solving employee conflict often means being vulnerable, direct, and holding on to your goals.

Leadership drives culture, and culture drives performance.

Why we walk like crabs, but tell others not to. Imitation is part of our culture, why that is and how it works.