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Both series are co-hosted by me.  No lists, formulas or fortune cookie wisdom.

Looking for how to manage yourself as a founder or entrepreneur?

Thriving Entrepreneur is made up of 15-minute LinkedIn Live broadcasts and a longer, monthly episode with my co-host Rachelle Leerling of GrowTribute.

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A short-run podcast co-hosted with Shaun Peet and Mike Metcalf of DECK Leadership, who are award-winning pit crew chiefs in NASCAR.  Practical and current ideas, tools and examples of business leadership.

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Ungated, interconnected insights that help you think about the challenges you face as a founder.

There’s a lot of them.


Two series of videos – one is our LinkedIn Live broadcasts “The Thriving Entrepreneur’s 15 Minutes” and the other are occasional insights that come up from my work with founders.

 Email Archive

Started in 2023 by popular demand.  Insights on issues all founders and entrepreneurs face.


Here’s two of the latest emails.  Prefer to browse?  Go here.

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