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If you lead a company that you started, the principles of leadership apply to you as much as they apply to a C-level officer in a multinational corporation.

But the challenges inherent in managing and growing a team in a young business are quite distinct from opening your thirtieth foreign office.

The free ideas and tools in these articles are particularly suited for you – a leader who runs a company that you founded – and I concentrate on the challenges that founders have in businesses up to about 250 employees. Even though the principles of leadership are common to team of four or four thousand, these articles help in situations unique to a young business and a new leader.

The topics below are interconnected and relate to each other through you, the leader, and by virtue of how different aspects of being a leader depend on each other. The groupings serve as a useful place to find ideas and tools to help with what you are dealing with, but you will probably find yourself in other categories as you read.

There is no subscription or request for your information to access any of these articles, videos or podcast episodes.

Podcast & Videos

Driving Leadership is a podcast that I co-host with Shaun Peet and Mike Metcalf of DECK Leadership, who are award-winning pit crew chiefs in NASCAR.  We discuss practical and current ideas, tools and examples of business leadership.

You can browse episodes here.

My videos are categorized by the subjects above, but if you’d like to see the entire collection, you can watch them on my YouTube Channel.

The FAQ & Video page has videos that relate to the start of coaching and address many of the common questions when a coach and client start working together.

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