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Improve performance with experienced leadership support and guidance for founders.

If you lead a business you founded, you likely have questions like these

➤ Who can I talk with confidentially who understands what it’s like as a founder?

➤ How do I manage all the high priority demands?

➤ How do I manage my investor relationship?

➤ How do I find, hire and organize the right people for my business?

➤ How can I take care of myself when I have no time?

➤ How do I deal with changes in my co-founder relationship?

➤ How can I get help without looking weak to my team and investors?

Leadership coaching brings clarity to the struggle

Every founder should have experienced guidance and support on the journey from launching to leading because it increases the chances of success –  better leadership improves your ability to address threats to your startup.

Why do investors bet more on the jockey than the horse?

Because how the jockey performs almost always is the most important piece of whether or not a business succeeds. There are other important critical parts, but leadership – how the jockey makes decisions and behaves – touches every aspect of a business, and unlike the other parts of the business, you can’t “hire out” being the founder and leading the way.

However, you can get experienced guidance and support that uses your intelligence and talents to grow as a leader, which helps you solve problems, grow faster, and become more fulfilled.

My bespoke coaching provides founders with:

➤ A fresh perspective

➤ Benefits from experience

➤ Accountability

➤ A confidential space

➤ Support in real-world challenges

➤ Relief from loneliness

Leadership is a learnable skill that takes practice, guidance and time, but being a good leader pays massive benefits.

Coaching options for founders

Single Support Call

Do you have a single issue that you’d like guidance on right away?

Book a 75-minute call right now – we will work together and you’ll come away with concrete steps.

The fee can be credited to either advisory option if you continue after our call.

Three Month Advisory

Would structure and accountability in coaching help you make positive change?

Three months of weekly sessions where we address and track change.

We remain in informal contact between sessions for brief answers.

Concierge Advisory

Are you looking to take your business to the next level and solve recurring problems?

My Concierge Advisory gives you constant access and improves business metrics and personal balance.

Address your goals and needs on your schedule.

“There are times we need someone to give us the right answer, and there are times we need them to give us the right question. David has an uncanny ability to know which is which, and to provide exactly what’s needed exactly when it’s needed.”

Patrick Cummings

“Under David’s leadership I knew my work would make an impact. David has a great ability to look at goals from a high level and put the right resources in place to ensure success.  David gets my highest recommendation, and I am happy to be involved in any company that has his name attached to it.”

Jule Slootbeek

“We (the board) gave David very aggressive performance targets on an austere budget, and he delivered time and again, much to our surprise; he was simultaneously able to reduce fixed overhead, improve KPIs (reduce warranty claims, reduce shipping costs, improve fulfillment metrics), and drive new product innovation, again, in a very austere environment.  David’s efforts were instrumental in maximizing equity value for our shareholders and I’d highly recommend him as an operator, leader and steward for your business.”

Joe Franciskovich

“David’s role was extensive and included putting a management structure in place, implementing and monitoring sales targets communicating and building relationships with both our suppliers and customers all over the world, increasing GP and turnover.”

Julia Kite

“David’s super power was always having the right strategy/idea, but coaching us to come up with it on our own.  David has the natural ability to empower leaders to think more strategically, problem solve creatively, and plan ahead so that they are constantly moving forward.   There’s no doubt his coaching led us to greater productivity,  success, and fulfillment in our roles . You will never find another coach with the business acumen or people skills David will bring to your team.”

Stacy Scott

“A great communicator who gives clear and concise direction but remains open to input. David has integrity in his work and all aspects of business.”

Rick Couto

“I cannot recommend David Foster’s leadership skills highly enough. Our company struggled with low morale issues stemming from lack of role clarity and accountability.  We struggled with making the vital decisions to move to market quickly and achieve our growth targets. We operated by committee, challenged by continuous finger-pointing, and progress was slow to be made. 

David came into this small, ambitious, founder-led company and was able to bring the necessary perspective to quickly and thoroughly assess and navigate the complex issues of our expanding business model. 

Our leadership team had been so conditioned to repeat the patterns of the early stage founder, that we could not see the issues we needed in order to create change. David stepped in to observe, listen, ask questions, and facilitate the collective discussion of the invisible challenges we faced every day.

David quickly established a new leadership structure with clear roles and defined accountability. With this, leaders were given zones of play with the authority to make decisions and move the company forward faster and more efficiently. 

If you feel you have a great company, but challenged to move forward and achieve the growth you deserve, I highly recommend you call David to help your team understand and overcome barriers to success.  Working with David, you’ll grow faster and with greater ease across your team.

Neil Kirdahy

Do we fit?

I’ve been a founder, CEO and advisor for over 20 years.  I’ve helped small businesses grow, change and re-invent themselves.

I’ve always listened, been willing to learn, and asked for help when I needed it.  For us to work together successfully, you’re the same way.

If you are a founder leading a business you started that has Seed or Series A investment, leadership coaching will help improve business metrics, team performance and your life around work.

Schedule a free Exploratory Call to talk about coaching options or arrange an immediate Single Support Call to discuss a particular challenge.

If you’re not ready to talk now, please check out my Practical Resources for articles and videos on improving at work.

The financial and life satisfaction benefits from coaching are far greater than its cost and time commitment

Coaching improves business performance, including employee engagement, retention, customer satisfaction, reputation and profitability, and that allows you to achieve a better work-life balance.

According to the ICF Global Coaching Study, a client “can typically expect an ROI in the range of 344% or 3.44 times the amount spent.”  For companies, it is even more: “The ROI for companies is quite a bit higher with a median return of 7 times the initial investment.”

The Manchester Review calculated that coaching returns 5.7 times the cost of engagement. 

A MetrixGlobal study: “The Bottom Line: Coaching produced a 529% return on investment and significant intangible benefits to the business.”

Founders are smart, capable and usually life-long learners – coaching can help you become more successful, accelerate your growth and find balance while doing so.

Schedule an exploratory call.

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