Entrepreneurs need to grow faster than their business

We often lump together starting and growing a business – it is, after all, a natural path and it is easy to describe the process in one go. Plus, you’re the CEO or MD during all of it, and that’s your job, right?

Sort of.

The skills necessary to launch a business and grow or lead one are almost completely different, even though the job title is usually the same.

To launch, you need to sharpen your idea, get a little traction, maybe an investment. Always be selling. Tell the story.

But to grow and lead your business, you need to organize and synchronize job functions, hire and spend incrementally, connect the business mission to your employees lives, and be the guiding force that shepherds the business along it’s path.

Plus 691 other things.

How then does an entrepreneur best make this transition?

One of the most useful approaches is to prepare instead of react.

Learn as much as you can, get as much trustworthy guidance and support as you can, ahead of the demands that we know are going to be part of next month, next quarter, or next year. For example:

– If you think you’re going to need to hire soon, spend some time reading and getting advice about employee policy, leadership, and coordinating job descriptions.

– If you’re think you’re going to find financial help (accounting, bookkeeping, CFO, etc.), take advantage of no-cost resources to learn or sharpen your financial literacy.

– If you’re about to expand your manufacturing, learn about managing QC, how to evaluate your supply chain, and factory relations.

The beauty of this mindset is that you can apply it to virtually any change that you can see happening.

A founder’s job changes more and faster than almost any other position in business. Being continuously aware and prepared for that change can almost be a superpower.