Concierge Advisory

Do you want bespoke private coaching to truly move forward?

  • You want to benefit from experienced guidance, accountability and thought partnership on your own schedule, on demand.
  • You’re concerned about burnout, managing ever-increasing demands and work-life balance.
  • You spend a lot of time and effort on employee, partner or investor relationships.
  • You feel that increased productivity and engagement is possible for you and your team.
  • You’d like to have an experienced outside and thought partner on your issues, strategy and goals.

Concierge Advisory is for those who would benefit from continuous access to me as an experienced outside thought partner who offers perspective, guidance, and accountability.

I’m ready to book an exploratory call.  Or, take me to ROI of coaching, price, or my guarantee.

“David’s super power was always having the right strategy/idea, but coaching us to come up with it on our own.  David has the natural ability to empower leaders to think more strategically, problem solve creatively, and plan ahead so that they are constantly moving forward.   There’s no doubt his coaching led us to greater productivity,  success, and fulfillment in our roles . You will never find another coach with the business acumen or people skills David will bring to your team.”

Stacy Scott

Imagine achieving more

Leverage your innate skills to become more accomplished, happier and less stressed.

  • Successfully implement your vision and goals
  • Receive advice, guidance and accountability when it works for you.
  • Live more productively
  • Manage strong performers in engaged and focused teams
  • Have more clarity about your goals, the business future and direction
  • Reduce the stress that comes from being “always on”

How does Concierge Advisory work?

1. Exploratory Call:  One of the most important criteria for a successful coaching relationship is fit between coach and client.  I start every relationship with a no-cost Exploratory Call to determine how we relate and what issues and work you want to do.

2. Decision and Assessment: To go forward, you arrange secure payment and we pick a date to start working together.

After you make payemnt, I will send you an Assessment Form, which is based on our initial discussion and gives us suggestions on how to explore thinking about where you are and where you’d like to go.

Discovery Call: This is our first call, it marks the start of our discussions and the start of the engagement.

  • We discuss your responses in the Assessment Form.
  • We start to identify the source of your challenges, roadblocks and the work needed to solve them.
  • We define these challenges you’d like to address and their relationship to each other
  • We devise short, medium and long-term goals coordinated with needs and challenges, which we may reconsider as more information becomes clear.
  • We identify what success looks like in each area.
  • We exchange our private contact info, and our preferences
  • We set your first accountability tasks

Ongoing Work:

  • You are free to contact me at any time with questions, ideas or problems.
  • We will set a schedule of regular calls for accountability and progress purposes, but we communicate frequently as needed in between scheduled times.
  • We keep a shared list of progress, next steps and upcoming accountability tasks.
  • We stay in contact though email, text, Slack or Whatsapp.
  • We set deadlines for accountability work.
  • Homework: books, question prompts, and whatever else fits your needs and goals.
  • Mutual decisions on how and what to be accountable for, and in relation to your goals and roadblocks – and I help with accountability.

It’s up to you what we tackle – business values, purpose, mission, employees, partners, investors, business direction and everything in between.  Our thinking together will help you realize your potential facing your particular challenges on your specific path.

Remember you may be responding to something akin to a fire alarm.  We don’t need to deal with the alarm itself, but the fire that is triggering it.


Concierge Advisory starts at $7,500/month, and we decide on the Exploratory Call how many months to commit to each other for the start.  Fees are payable at the start of every month on a subscription basis, and you can cancel at any time.

Having your own personal coach and thought partner on your journey is an indispensable resource that accelerates your progress towards your goals.

Undertaking change in a close, personal Concierge Advisory requires the right mindset, and also requires commitment and consistent effort.  Change, especially in a leadership position, can be daunting but incredibly rewarding.  Positive progress is amazing and profitable, rewarding for you, your family and your business.

The ROI of coaching is massive, and it’s common for the time, effort and money to be eclipsed by the positive attributes of change.  For instance:

  • Profitability and scale of profit
  • More control of work commitment
  • Being truly able to give back to others
  • Satisfaction from work
  • Greater purpose
  • Clarity (and less stress) about goals, your next steps and the future

Schedule an Exploratory Call

“A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.”  – Laozi

Confidentiality & Guarantee

I am your coach and I work for you.

I will not share anything from our coaching, publicly or privately, and I’m happy to sign an NDA for sensitive topics that require one.

I’m also happy to speak to others in your business if we both agree that doing so would help make progress with certain goals.  Alternatively, our coaching relationship can be entirely between us, with no one having any awareness of it, even if someone were to ask me directly.  It’s your choice.

The Exploratory Call is free, and if, after payment and if you’d like to cancel before the end of our first week, I will refund your money, no questions asked.

After our first week, no refund for the month is possible, although you may cancel our engagement at any time for the following months.

Where do we start?

I’m easy to talk to, there’s no hard sell, and I’m committed to having you find the help you need to succeed, either with me or someone else.

“There are times we need someone to give us the right answer, and there are times we need them to give us the right question. David has an uncanny ability to know which is which, and to provide exactly what’s needed exactly when it’s needed.”

Patrick Cummings

“Under David’s leadership I knew my work would make an impact. David has a great ability to look at goals from a high level and put the right resources in place to ensure success.  David gets my highest recommendation, and I am happy to be involved in any company that has his name attached to it.”

Jule Slootbeek

“David’s role was extensive and included putting a management structure in place, implementing and monitoring sales targets communicating and building relationships with both our suppliers and customers all over the world, increasing GP and turnover.”

Julia Kite

“If you feel you have a great company, but challenged to move forward and achieve the growth you deserve, I highly recommend you call David to help your team understand and overcome barriers to success.  Working with David, you’ll grow faster and with greater ease across your team.

Neil Kirdahy

More FAQ, testimonials and videos on coaching here.

The financial and life satisfaction benefits from coaching are far greater than its cost and time commitment

Coaching improves business performance, including employee engagement, retention, customer satisfaction, reputation and profitability, and that allows you to achieve a better work-life balance.

According to the ICF Global Coaching Study, a client “can typically expect an ROI in the range of 344% or 3.44 times the amount spent.”  For companies, it is even more: “The ROI for companies is quite a bit higher with a median return of 7 times the initial investment.”

The Manchester Review calculated that coaching returns 5.7 times the cost of engagement. 

A MetrixGlobal study: “The Bottom Line: Coaching produced a 529% return on investment and significant intangible benefits to the business.”

Founders are smart, capable and usually life-long learners – coaching can help you become more successful, accelerate your growth and find balance while doing so.

Schedule an exploratory call.

A reason to pause

Nothing changes unless you change it.

I’ve been a founder, CEO and advisor for over 20 years.  I’ve helped small business grow, change and re-invent themselves.

I’ve always listened, been willing to learn, and asked for help when I needed it.  For us to work together successfully, you’re the same way.

Running a business is hard, and so is change sometimes.  We face uncertainty, question ourselves and feel uncomfortable.  It’s not for everyone, but for those who embrace it honestly and consistently, positive change brings massive rewards.

If you are a leader – an owner, founder or CEO –  coaching can help improve the business and your role in it.