Changing your situation takes new skills, habits and behavior – we can’t learn these unless we are willing to fail in some of our attempts.

We know hiring is a critical part of leadership – but what does puking, lying, and online dating have to do with it?

Shaun, Mike and David discuss the art (and not the science) of hiring, how gut feeling, tests, bias and connection are a part of making a successful addition to your team.


MM: “Maybe we hire somebody who didn’t work out, but maybe we didn’t continue to build our relationship after we hired.”

SP: “If you look at the hiring process, a ton of our implicit bias gets involved even if you’re aware of it.”

DF: “The idea behind the interview is trying to form a connection with somebody, almost as if you are both human beings.”

What is a leader in business responsible for and how does it affect your business performance?

Shaun, Mike and I talk about the difference between responsibility and accountability, formally and informally measuring responsibility, and how a leader can look at personal responsibility and his or her public responsibility to help employees succeed.

Also: grocery carts, trash and house building.

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How we think about what we do affects our ability to lead, the quality of our decisions, and how effective we are.

How can a leader improve his or her mindset? How does your mindset change the way you act?

Quotable moments:

Shaun: “What you’re doing is giving yourself a better chance because you showed up with intention.”

Mike: “I think our brains think we are doing a good job.”

David: “Practicing mindset grows that muscle stronger.”

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Mindset by Carol Dweck

How does a leader deal with failure – not only personally, but when an employee or a team fails? What can you do in a position of leadership so that you and your team learns, adjusts and achieves more success.

Quotable quotes:

DF: “A big sign of failure is not accepting that failure is a part of life.”

SP: “We look up at successful people because they stand on a mountain of failures.”

MM: “We are all going to fail, now how are we going to handle it?”

There is more to diversity than the legal definitions in business. How can you and your company benefit from considering different types of diversity?

What does leadership affect in business, and how can you start practicing it? Meet Mike, Shaun and David for a conversation on the practical aspect of leadership, failures and how leadership affects business results.