We have all had that sinking feeling about having a tough conversation, and they often define the relationship between two people.

We know hiring is a critical part of leadership – but what does puking, lying, and online dating have to do with it?

Shaun, Mike and David discuss the art (and not the science) of hiring, how gut feeling, tests, bias and connection are a part of making a successful addition to your team.


MM: “Maybe we hire somebody who didn’t work out, but maybe we didn’t continue to build our relationship after we hired.”

SP: “If you look at the hiring process, a ton of our implicit bias gets involved even if you’re aware of it.”

DF: “The idea behind the interview is trying to form a connection with somebody, almost as if you are both human beings.”

How can you ensure that your employees know the “what, how and when” of their jobs are internally coordinated?

When job descriptions don’t match jobs, how well can the jobs fit and how well can employees work together?

Do clashing employees have more in common than you – and they – think?

How a leader can focus listening and watching employees to help discern what is happening in the business.

When making decisions, how thinking beyond just the effects on yourself can help your leadership and business grow.

Coming back to work from the holidays brings us perspective about leadership and peoples’ motivations at work.

As a leader, you can learn about your business by listening carefully to your employees and watching their reactions to you and the events in your business.