A founder will make better progress, wiser decisions and achieve more if he or she has a thought partner.

Taking care of yourself is necessary to perform well as a leader and live a happy life – despite overwork being culturally acceptable and supported.

Changing your situation takes new skills, habits and behavior – we can’t learn these unless we are willing to fail in some of our attempts.

It’s easy to get distracted by alarm after alarm, but our business benefits from putting out the actual fire.

How can you ensure that your employees know the “what, how and when” of their jobs are internally coordinated?

When job descriptions don’t match jobs, how well can the jobs fit and how well can employees work together?

Do clashing employees have more in common than you – and they – think?

Why quickly making small bets when we’re stuck deciding helps gain more knowledge than a lot of deliberation.

How a leader can focus listening and watching employees to help discern what is happening in the business.

Stories are how we understand ourselves, each other, and the world, so they are an important tool for a leader as the business grows.