By keeping track of consequences, you can make much better decisions that just blindly following the rules and averages.

Why is advice so bad sometimes? What can you do to increase the probability that advice you ask for is actually helpful.

What do you consider when making decisions in business? Rules change, the ground shifts beneath you – what to watch when you are trying to make a decision.

How regularly questioning what skills you have and what you are going to need improves your leadership and business success.

When a leaders communicate business values and purpose, and tell that story well, their companies and their employees thrive. .

“I know that I’m right, this needs to be done, why can’t I get this to happen in my company?”

Is your business struggle a part of your identity? It makes being a good leader difficult. Learn to let go with concrete steps and practicies.

We know so much about “how” to do things but not “why” we do them. In order to successfully lead a business, we must examine why we decide certain things or behave in a certain way.

We can often see what we want more clearly by defining what we don’t want.

How recognizing that I had made a mistake was part of getting a couple patents.