A founder will make better progress, wiser decisions and achieve more if he or she has a thought partner.

Changing your situation takes new skills, habits and behavior – we can’t learn these unless we are willing to fail in some of our attempts.

It’s easy to get distracted by alarm after alarm, but our business benefits from putting out the actual fire.

Why quickly making small bets when we’re stuck deciding helps gain more knowledge than a lot of deliberation.

What is the difference between persistence and hiding when making a decision or choosing a path in leadership?

How to get past the limits of our habitual thinking and oversimplification.

Will your challenges in the future all be met with what you are able to do today? How to look at increasing your skills as a leader as your business grows.

And why do so many of us have our best ideas on vacation?

When making decisions, how thinking beyond just the effects on yourself can help your leadership and business grow.

Do you read, listen to, and consider only what you agree with? How engaging with those that have a different opinion or conclusion helps your leadership in business.