A founder will make better progress, wiser decisions and achieve more if he or she has a thought partner.

How a leader can focus listening and watching employees to help discern what is happening in the business.

Stories are how we understand ourselves, each other, and the world, so they are an important tool for a leader as the business grows.

When making decisions, how thinking beyond just the effects on yourself can help your leadership and business grow.

Do you read, listen to, and consider only what you agree with? How engaging with those that have a different opinion or conclusion helps your leadership in business.

What do you consider when making decisions in business? Rules change, the ground shifts beneath you – what to watch when you are trying to make a decision.

Coming back to work from the holidays brings us perspective about leadership and peoples’ motivations at work.

“I know that I’m right, this needs to be done, why can’t I get this to happen in my company?”