Taking care of yourself is necessary to perform well as a leader and live a happy life – despite overwork being culturally acceptable and supported.

What is the difference between persistence and hiding when making a decision or choosing a path in leadership?

Will your challenges in the future all be met with what you are able to do today? How to look at increasing your skills as a leader as your business grows.

And why do so many of us have our best ideas on vacation?

By keeping track of consequences, you can make much better decisions that just blindly following the rules and averages.

Balancing work, rest and different interests boosts productivity and engagement for everyone – you and your employees.

Is your business struggle a part of your identity? It makes being a good leader difficult. Learn to let go with concrete steps and practicies.

What skills does a founder need to start a business and are those the same skills needed to run it successfully?

Leaders are not born – people make themselves leaders by making the conscious decision to learn and practicing. Realizing this is the first step towards improving your leadership skills.

To go from launching to leading, we must give others responsibilities that were ours.