What is humility’s place in leadership?

What place does humility have in leadership?

This week we discuss three different viewpoints on what humility means to leadership, how it affects a leader’s outcome and what can go wrong with it.

Each of has a different view on the question:


Mike: “It’s impossible to grow and mature as a leader without humility.”

Shaun: “There’s a very fine line between humility and imposter syndrome in leadership”

David: “It’s valuable for a leader to realize that humility and confidence are not opposites.”


MM: “Without a leader being able to go to someone and ask for help, I just can’t see a way forward.”

MM: “Why is it so easy to lack self-awareness and be overconfident?”

SP: “Humility is the thing that allows you to think that maybe you’re wrong.”

DF: “If you surround yourself with people who have to do what you say, you can have a little pod of blissful ignorance that you can stay in for quite a long time. That’s not good.”

SP: “Humility isn’t something that shows up on your Whoop or your Garmin.”

DF: “Humility gives you the ability to model accpetance, collaboration and teamwork, but also the after effects of doing those things.”

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