What happens when entrepreneurs are outside their zone of genius?

At the beginning stages of business, you often work from your Zone of Genius: doing what you love and are great at. The value you add is your company’s gold or even its USP.

The more mature your business becomes, the more you might find yourself moving away from it, or even delegating this Genius to others.

As you transition towards leadership, you might find yourself doing things you aren’t so good at (yet).

So do you still do things that you add massive value with? And how do you find a new Zone of Genius that fits the business’ stage? How important is using your Zone of Genius really?

In this episode, David & Rachelle discuss how to navigate your Zone of Genius in your business’ journey. What it is and how it changes over the course of your business’ growth.

What you will learn:

– What your Zone of Genius is, and how it makes your business stand out

– How to transition from your Zone of Genius to leadership

– Getting out of your Zone of Genius and the effect on your satisfaction

– How knowing your team’s Zones of Geniuses is beneficial

– Rediscovering your Zone of Genius after becoming a leader of your company

– …and much more!

A new episode is published every other Friday.

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