What happens when an entrepreneur’s employees don’t get along?

As an entrepreneur, you know that managing a team is never easy. One of the biggest challenges you might face is dealing with employee conflict.

So how do you handle employee conflict? How do you make sure things don’t escalate and hurt your company’s productivity, reputation, or culture?

On the other hand – when is employee conflict beneficial for your company? And how can you make best use of it?

In our latest podcast episode, David & Rachelle be discussing how to harness the power of conflict and turn it into a force for positive change.

What you’ll learn:

  • What the cause of employee conflict can be
  • What about conflict – disagreements, different goals, or methods – is good?
  • What about that conflict is bad, or detrimental?
  • How to referee the conflict & resolution
  • How to guide employees to resolve conflict themselves, productively.
  • And much more!

David Foster Wallace’s commencement speech “This is Water.”

A new episode is published every other Friday.

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