How important is an entrepreneur’s mission statement? (LinkedIn Live)

How do you know where your business is headed?

Does the day-to-day demand determine your path?

How do you know where to head?

Well, you have a mission statement. Right there on the website, with a bold headline and crafted prose.

But really, what does a mission statement do? How important is it?

Rachelle and David take on this very topic this Thursday (courtesy of Jack Bradley’s question).

Last week we talked about how an entrepreneur can communicate vision in everyday actions, and in a bit of a backwards direction, this week we are talking about how important the mission statement really is.

  • Who is the mission statement for?

  • How can an entrepreneur craft and use a mission statement?

  • How does that mission statement inform your priorities and what your employees do?

What is your experience with mission statements? Do you use one? Did you once?

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