How can entrepreneurs recognize their own limitations in business? (LinkedIn Live)

As a founder and entrepreneur, how do you decide what hat not to put on at work?

If you don’t have a structure for figuring out your limits and ways to deal with them, you could be flirting with a lot of problems.

We are responsible for so much of the business when we start it – sometimes all of it in the first days.

But we are not all equally skilled at different specialities. Some of us are better and more efficient at different areas, we have accumulated different skills and knowledge over time, and how well we perform at certain areas is different from person to person.

This week, Rachelle and David will discuss ways we can think about our limits in business.

  • What can I ask myself to evaluate my limits?
  • How to expand those limits, and when should I?
  • How can we evaluate our limits vs. interests vs. needs?
  • What is the benefit and cost of framing decisions about our limits before we take a path, and how do we change?
  • Are the necessary costs of working at our limit a net benefit or cost?

How do you manage your limits and what would improvement look like?

A new episode is published every Friday.

We also go live on LinkedIn every Thursday 10:30 EST / 16:30 CET

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