How can entrepreneurs inspire employees?

In order for your business to succeed, every employee must be inspired to work to the best of their ability.


We are often asked in a variety of ways how to inspire and motivate employees. How do we get them to understand the importance of what we want and what we are trying to do?

It’s true that founders and entrepreneurs often have to clearly communicate their dream and mission to those around them – customers, investors, and employees.

But *how* we communicate this, and the relationship it has with your employees can be the difference between a successful path and a frustrating one.

This week Rachelle and David discuss

– What is behind employees’ motivations

– How to look at what you’re doing with employees

– Questions to ask to discover the meaning for your employees

– Why just “trading your money for their time” rarely works out very well.

Where do you struggle with motivating employees?

What has worked for you? What hasn’t?

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