How an entrepreneur can encourage criticism and alternative views?

As the leader of your business, often people aren’t honest with you. Yes-nodding might be part of your everyday business life. Or, they are not completely open about how they feel.

The people around you have their reasons for not speaking up. Their feedback on your leadership, or your ways of working, might be detrimental to their job.

Yet, a business can only grow from learnings and new ways of thinking. The people on the job can sense things you cannot. And more views can lead to breakthroughs in processes, products, customer journeys, or simply the day-to-day company culture.

So it’s time to open up to alternative views and see the benefits of more pairs of eyes on your business…

On Thursday, the Thriving Entrepreneur’s 15 Minutes will be about “How entrepreneurs can encourage criticism and alternative views”.

What we discuss:

  • The difference between clear leadership and my-way-or-the-high-way
  • How to know if you are keeping criticism and alternative views under the rug
  • How to ask for feedback and criticism from your team
  • How to create a safe space and a culture of progressive feedback
  • What to change about your attitude and behavior in order to let feedback in
  • How your company can benefit from new views and new ways

A new episode is published every Friday.

We also go live on LinkedIn every Thursday 10:30 EST / 16:30 CET

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