Do you need a title to lead?

Do you need a title to be a leader?

Many people often don’t have the formal power as a leader and wonder what they can do to help themselves, help others, or make the business better. Others have a title, but may struggle with having enough influence to make progress.

Our new format: each of us takes a position on our topic, discusses it, and takes questions from the other two.

It works well, and we hope you like it.

Our positions:

Mike: “Titles can be a blessing or a curse, a multiplier or divider.”

Shaun: “Never lead with your title, let others discover your achievement.”

David: “The unofficial org chart determines how well your business performs just as much as the official org chart.”


MM: “Titles can be curse if you think ‘I’ve made it’ and I don’t have to do those things that got me here.”

MM: “The higher the title you have the more opportunity you have to help people.”

SP: “If you are tethered to a title and that title gets taken away, it can wipe out your whole identity.”

SP: “I think there’s so much magic when a person in position of power doesn’t lead with that power, but leads with kindness or how they can help you.”

DF: “When you get a promotion, you’re necessarily agreeing to work with more difficult problems than you had at your previous job.”

DF: “Knowing the combination of what you can do officially in a practical senses and unofficially will help you the most and it will help the people around you the most.”

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