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Test Post 2

Changing your situation takes new skills, habits and behavior – we can’t learn these unless we are willing to fail in some of our attempts.

What are you responsible for?

What is a leader in business responsible for and how does it affect your business performance? Shaun, Mike and I talk about the difference between responsibility and accountability, formally and informally measuring responsibility, and how a leader can look at personal responsibility and his or her public responsibility to help employees succeed. Also: grocery carts, […]

Mindset as a leader

How we think about what we do affects our ability to lead, the quality of our decisions, and how effective we are. How can a leader improve his or her mindset? How does your mindset change the way you act? Quotable moments: Shaun: “What you’re doing is giving yourself a better chance because you showed […]

Failure as a leader

How does a leader deal with failure – not only personally, but when an employee or a team fails? What can you do in a position of leadership so that you and your team learns, adjusts and achieves more success. Quotable quotes: DF: “A big sign of failure is not accepting that failure is a […]